23 September 2009

Strong Nails!

Nutra Nail- Power Gel. The solution to soft, brittle & weak nails... Let me say I love this stuff but its also a pain in the ass. There's a "gel" polish, a "activator" polish, and a "brush cleaning" polish. To apply you take the gel polish and apply to all of nail, and then you take the activator brush and apply on top. Now the tricky part is you have to apply equal amounts of gel and activator, and you have to wash your activator brush in the brush cleaning solution after EVERY use. You apply 2 or more coats of gel/activator. And its like a cheaper acrylic. It looks/ feels the same, you need to reapply every 4-7 days (or less if your a compulsive nail picker/biter like me) and its easily removable and easy to d.i.y.

This sells at drugstores for 8-10 $$, Id recommend it to all looking for a cheaper solution to the expensive salon trips or looking to strenghten nails.

22 June 2009

Kiss Nails

Theses have grown on me. They are awesome, they cost about $6.50, and it comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, there is no fingers too big or too small. It comes with the nails, a 2-sided nail file one rough side and one soft side, nail glue, and a cuticle stick. The glue in this is strong and stays! The tabs twist off easily and leave no marks. They last me a week easyy (that's when i get bored and rip them off =] ).  I recommend these highly, they look and feel like acrylics for half the price and to remove them just soak you r fingers in acetone (polish remover) for 5 minutes and they easily peel off without damaging nails. They come in crazy colors and designs too check them out at your local drugstore or K-mart.

15 June 2009

Nyx Lashes

So a few months back I decided to cave into my faux eyelash addiction and get the 30 pairs of nyx lashes for $28 (or somwhere around that price). I loved all my lashes but the big problem is the glue... I am so dissapointed with the glue.  It peels off easy, But it they all smell abit raunchy, not like DUO or Lash Grip. They arent made for all day wear they start to peel off mid-day.

If your looking at buying NYX lashes hit up the local beauty store and pick up..

29 April 2009

Nail Envy

Wowww! This is my new best friend!!! Nail Envy by O.P.I, there's 6 different formulas... Original, Matte, soft & Thin, Sensitive & Peeling, Dry & Brittle, and Maintenance. I bought the Original 2 weeks ago and I've been using it as recommended twice first day then every other day for a week and then remove and restart. Now my nails don't grow and split like crazy but with using this my nails have grown rapidly and haven't split once! Its incredible. This works great as a base coat, and top coat or makes nails nice and shiny if left alone. I'm definantly on the prowl for the sensitive & Peeling to pair with original.


20 April 2009

Effortless Outfit

Hey ladies so im going to start doing looks, so if you have any requests comment, or ill be putting my email up for questions...

This is my style kinda grungy but cute and feminine. This look is a great date look or just going out for the day, and it is simple. If its a chilly day go for a small jacket/cardigan. But the bright loose tank compliments the skinny jeans and the shoes and the ring adds a great bit of funk to it.


12 April 2009

SH Insta-Dri

Sally Hansen- Insta-Dri:

The Claim:
- One- Stroke application
-One-coat coverage
-Dries in 60 seconds

My Review:
I loved the Sally Hanson- Salon  so on my next drugstore visit I figured id try another kind. Well This one I had some problems with to get it to dry it needs to be applied in thin coats. 
Its a great color and has a nice big brush But it did start chipping and I woke up next day and it had bubbled.So I don't think ill be using this again or recommending it to anyone. I got white as a color.


28 March 2009

Fake it dont Bake it!

The Claim:
Now the Jergens® brand gives you natural-looking summer color faster than ever before. Only Jergens® natural glow express Body Moisturizer is formulated with our exclusive Glow Perfecting™ Complex. This proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidants is designed to give you natural-looking color in less time

My Review:
With summer approaching (Slowly buy surely) everyones looking to get that nice tan going. There are so many alternatives to tanning beds that are addicting and leave you leathery and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer its time to fake it not bake it! This Jergens natural glow express gives you a full tan color in 3 days! I am pastey and after just one use it was noticeable and everybody was amazed at the instant tan I had. This is available at most drugstores for about $5. It does have that fake tan smell but its not strong, it doesn't turn orange, and I got no streaking! This is one of my go-to things for summer!


27 March 2009

Sally Hanson Nail Lacquer

The Claim:
"Get a Salon Perfect Manicure at Home!
*Get a salon-perfect manicure without going to the salon.
*New patented formula with pure, micro-milled pigments and silicone provide the ultimate application, color and shine.
*650-bristle professional brush guarantees a streak-free, flawlessly smooth application.
*Available in 24 of the shades you crave.

Special Ingredients:Natural Mineral Complex and Epoxy Resin bond hard, durable color to nails. Keratin strengthens nails. Marine Botanicals condition and nourish nails. UV Protectors help colors stay true. "

My Review.. The two pictures above are the color I got "pat on the black" This color is smoking and I'm usually an O.P.I/ China Glaze girl but I figured why not. This does take some time to dry so I wouldnt recommend it if your in a rush but it doesnt streak, it goes on nice and thick and this stayed on my nails for 7 days without budging! And I redid my upper floor with painting scrubbing picking this polish stayed strong I do recommend these sally salon polishes I will paint them later on and take pictures daily to show you this stuff!

25 March 2009

nono! Hair removal

What it is: What it is:
A revolutionary new concept in hair removal, suitable for all hair types and skin colors.

My review:
I got this about 2 months ago. I am horrible with routines so I haven't used this as often as they recommend (replace with shaving 2-3 times a week) I have noticed my hair growing back a lot slower and its really not time consuming just run over the desired area and your done.You will have to get used to the fried hair smell but I assure you that gets better as the hair grows back slower. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who can fit this in their budget. Ive done some price comparison.

No!No!.com also offers a black/red available from them only..Click here to see

20 March 2009

Discounted Makeup

Heyy through rummaging around the net looked for my next impulse buy i came across this cool website... ShopCraze.com. They have.. everything NYX, MAC Pro pigment samples, Nail polishes, MAC brushes. And most of is on sale and there shipping charge is awsomeee. Definitely worth checking out.

$3.20 USD (orders below $15.00)
$4.20 USD (orders $15.00 and above)
FREE SHIPPING (orders $35.00 and above)

&& they ship internationally for $4.80+.


Contour palette

I got this 6 color contour palette a few weeks ago, I saw Coastalscents.com had one for $19.95 plus the rediculous $11.56(or more) s/h charge and I got this one for $8.99 & $8.49 s/h. So I saved about $15.00. I LOVE this palette the colors and pigmentation is way better then I expected Heres the seller

19 March 2009


Free shipping from MAC.
CODE: sugarsweet


For all the drugstore makeup lovers this is for you. Ulta.com Buy one Get one- any mascara, eyeliner & eyeshadow from Ulta, L'oreal, Covergril & Maxx Factor. Pretty goood. If you want to avoid the shipping Your local CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens probably has a similar deal.



Nyx is having a great sale hereItem #1 Comes with 5 Trio Eyeshadows (15 colors total) and 8 Lipgloss with Mega ShineTotal

retail value: $80.00
Special discount: -$64.00
You pay only: $16.00

Item #2-variety of 30 dazzling shades of lipstick
Total retail value: $120.00
Special discount: -$96.00
You pay only: $24.00

ITEM# 3-43 beautiful highly-pigmented eyeshadows
Total retail value: $215.00
Special discount: -$172.00
You pay only: $43.00

Sexy, fun, temporary body glitter in a gel base
Total retail value: $24.00 ($3.00/piece)
Special discount: -$19.20
You pay only: $4.80


18 February 2009

NYX Eyeliners

I finally got my 31 NYX slim eyeliners. I ordered these on Feb 20 & Got them Mar 2, They were $31.00 & $6.00 for s/h. I LOVE these, The colors are fabulous and they go on creamy and long lasting. I will have swatches up tonight.. Click Here for seller

Ebay Buy

I recently got these brushes from ebay, It took 3 days to get to me. These are by far the softest brushes ever, and work amazingly. They cost $38.99, and it comes with 26 brushes, one for everything. There is a variety of colors/quantitys this seller offers so if your in need of some great brushes... Check here


Ebay Haul

Yay, I finally got my 12 NYX rounded lipsticks (pick your own colors,) $20.98 after shipping and handling landing them at about $1.74each, cheaper then cherryculture.com has for $2.00 not including s/h. Recieved in 4 days.

Swatches comming tommorrow!

Loving them!