28 March 2009

Fake it dont Bake it!

The Claim:
Now the Jergens® brand gives you natural-looking summer color faster than ever before. Only Jergens® natural glow express Body Moisturizer is formulated with our exclusive Glow Perfecting™ Complex. This proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidants is designed to give you natural-looking color in less time

My Review:
With summer approaching (Slowly buy surely) everyones looking to get that nice tan going. There are so many alternatives to tanning beds that are addicting and leave you leathery and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer its time to fake it not bake it! This Jergens natural glow express gives you a full tan color in 3 days! I am pastey and after just one use it was noticeable and everybody was amazed at the instant tan I had. This is available at most drugstores for about $5. It does have that fake tan smell but its not strong, it doesn't turn orange, and I got no streaking! This is one of my go-to things for summer!