23 September 2009

Strong Nails!

Nutra Nail- Power Gel. The solution to soft, brittle & weak nails... Let me say I love this stuff but its also a pain in the ass. There's a "gel" polish, a "activator" polish, and a "brush cleaning" polish. To apply you take the gel polish and apply to all of nail, and then you take the activator brush and apply on top. Now the tricky part is you have to apply equal amounts of gel and activator, and you have to wash your activator brush in the brush cleaning solution after EVERY use. You apply 2 or more coats of gel/activator. And its like a cheaper acrylic. It looks/ feels the same, you need to reapply every 4-7 days (or less if your a compulsive nail picker/biter like me) and its easily removable and easy to d.i.y.

This sells at drugstores for 8-10 $$, Id recommend it to all looking for a cheaper solution to the expensive salon trips or looking to strenghten nails.