28 March 2009

Fake it dont Bake it!

The Claim:
Now the Jergens® brand gives you natural-looking summer color faster than ever before. Only Jergens® natural glow express Body Moisturizer is formulated with our exclusive Glow Perfecting™ Complex. This proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidants is designed to give you natural-looking color in less time

My Review:
With summer approaching (Slowly buy surely) everyones looking to get that nice tan going. There are so many alternatives to tanning beds that are addicting and leave you leathery and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer its time to fake it not bake it! This Jergens natural glow express gives you a full tan color in 3 days! I am pastey and after just one use it was noticeable and everybody was amazed at the instant tan I had. This is available at most drugstores for about $5. It does have that fake tan smell but its not strong, it doesn't turn orange, and I got no streaking! This is one of my go-to things for summer!


27 March 2009

Sally Hanson Nail Lacquer

The Claim:
"Get a Salon Perfect Manicure at Home!
*Get a salon-perfect manicure without going to the salon.
*New patented formula with pure, micro-milled pigments and silicone provide the ultimate application, color and shine.
*650-bristle professional brush guarantees a streak-free, flawlessly smooth application.
*Available in 24 of the shades you crave.

Special Ingredients:Natural Mineral Complex and Epoxy Resin bond hard, durable color to nails. Keratin strengthens nails. Marine Botanicals condition and nourish nails. UV Protectors help colors stay true. "

My Review.. The two pictures above are the color I got "pat on the black" This color is smoking and I'm usually an O.P.I/ China Glaze girl but I figured why not. This does take some time to dry so I wouldnt recommend it if your in a rush but it doesnt streak, it goes on nice and thick and this stayed on my nails for 7 days without budging! And I redid my upper floor with painting scrubbing picking this polish stayed strong I do recommend these sally salon polishes I will paint them later on and take pictures daily to show you this stuff!

25 March 2009

nono! Hair removal

What it is: What it is:
A revolutionary new concept in hair removal, suitable for all hair types and skin colors.

My review:
I got this about 2 months ago. I am horrible with routines so I haven't used this as often as they recommend (replace with shaving 2-3 times a week) I have noticed my hair growing back a lot slower and its really not time consuming just run over the desired area and your done.You will have to get used to the fried hair smell but I assure you that gets better as the hair grows back slower. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who can fit this in their budget. Ive done some price comparison.

No!No!.com also offers a black/red available from them only..Click here to see

20 March 2009

Discounted Makeup

Heyy through rummaging around the net looked for my next impulse buy i came across this cool website... ShopCraze.com. They have.. everything NYX, MAC Pro pigment samples, Nail polishes, MAC brushes. And most of is on sale and there shipping charge is awsomeee. Definitely worth checking out.

$3.20 USD (orders below $15.00)
$4.20 USD (orders $15.00 and above)
FREE SHIPPING (orders $35.00 and above)

&& they ship internationally for $4.80+.


Contour palette

I got this 6 color contour palette a few weeks ago, I saw Coastalscents.com had one for $19.95 plus the rediculous $11.56(or more) s/h charge and I got this one for $8.99 & $8.49 s/h. So I saved about $15.00. I LOVE this palette the colors and pigmentation is way better then I expected Heres the seller

19 March 2009


Free shipping from MAC.
CODE: sugarsweet


For all the drugstore makeup lovers this is for you. Ulta.com Buy one Get one- any mascara, eyeliner & eyeshadow from Ulta, L'oreal, Covergril & Maxx Factor. Pretty goood. If you want to avoid the shipping Your local CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens probably has a similar deal.



Nyx is having a great sale hereItem #1 Comes with 5 Trio Eyeshadows (15 colors total) and 8 Lipgloss with Mega ShineTotal

retail value: $80.00
Special discount: -$64.00
You pay only: $16.00

Item #2-variety of 30 dazzling shades of lipstick
Total retail value: $120.00
Special discount: -$96.00
You pay only: $24.00

ITEM# 3-43 beautiful highly-pigmented eyeshadows
Total retail value: $215.00
Special discount: -$172.00
You pay only: $43.00

Sexy, fun, temporary body glitter in a gel base
Total retail value: $24.00 ($3.00/piece)
Special discount: -$19.20
You pay only: $4.80