29 April 2009

Nail Envy

Wowww! This is my new best friend!!! Nail Envy by O.P.I, there's 6 different formulas... Original, Matte, soft & Thin, Sensitive & Peeling, Dry & Brittle, and Maintenance. I bought the Original 2 weeks ago and I've been using it as recommended twice first day then every other day for a week and then remove and restart. Now my nails don't grow and split like crazy but with using this my nails have grown rapidly and haven't split once! Its incredible. This works great as a base coat, and top coat or makes nails nice and shiny if left alone. I'm definantly on the prowl for the sensitive & Peeling to pair with original.


20 April 2009

Effortless Outfit

Hey ladies so im going to start doing looks, so if you have any requests comment, or ill be putting my email up for questions...

This is my style kinda grungy but cute and feminine. This look is a great date look or just going out for the day, and it is simple. If its a chilly day go for a small jacket/cardigan. But the bright loose tank compliments the skinny jeans and the shoes and the ring adds a great bit of funk to it.


12 April 2009

SH Insta-Dri

Sally Hansen- Insta-Dri:

The Claim:
- One- Stroke application
-One-coat coverage
-Dries in 60 seconds

My Review:
I loved the Sally Hanson- Salon  so on my next drugstore visit I figured id try another kind. Well This one I had some problems with to get it to dry it needs to be applied in thin coats. 
Its a great color and has a nice big brush But it did start chipping and I woke up next day and it had bubbled.So I don't think ill be using this again or recommending it to anyone. I got white as a color.