22 June 2009

Kiss Nails

Theses have grown on me. They are awesome, they cost about $6.50, and it comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, there is no fingers too big or too small. It comes with the nails, a 2-sided nail file one rough side and one soft side, nail glue, and a cuticle stick. The glue in this is strong and stays! The tabs twist off easily and leave no marks. They last me a week easyy (that's when i get bored and rip them off =] ).  I recommend these highly, they look and feel like acrylics for half the price and to remove them just soak you r fingers in acetone (polish remover) for 5 minutes and they easily peel off without damaging nails. They come in crazy colors and designs too check them out at your local drugstore or K-mart.

15 June 2009

Nyx Lashes

So a few months back I decided to cave into my faux eyelash addiction and get the 30 pairs of nyx lashes for $28 (or somwhere around that price). I loved all my lashes but the big problem is the glue... I am so dissapointed with the glue.  It peels off easy, But it they all smell abit raunchy, not like DUO or Lash Grip. They arent made for all day wear they start to peel off mid-day.

If your looking at buying NYX lashes hit up the local beauty store and pick up..