11 April 2010

Your so sVEET.

Veet hair removal...With summer coming up im already starting my summer rituals, weekly Body exfoliating, up kept manicures and pedicures, hair maintenance and the biggest pain in my ass, shaving daily. Sooo on my trip to walgreens last week I saw all these veet products! Now I used to wax and try nair creams and my body seems to be immune from any type of convenient "hair removal" SO i decided to buy 2 of the spray on cans, you spray it on and leave it for 5-10 min only i made my brother and boyfriend use it! Soo as soon as this spray gets airborne you get a knockout whiff of the horrendous smell. I can tell you the spray smells WAY better then the cream, with the cream you get the horrendous smell with a mix of burning flesh and hair follicles.

Anyway, My brother who is Italian and Greek has very fine but coarse hair and it took all of his hair off from root to tip.

My Boyfriend however has that thin and bushy hair that you could cornroll, and his hair didnt take as well it really only took of the hair above skin you could see the hair root and almost looked like stubble, So it did take the hair off but not all the way from the root like my brothers.

So this is such a mixed review because with some hair and skin it works and with others it doesn't, I guess you have to try for yourself...

** Leave comments on your reviews of this or any other hair removing product..


P.s Go to veets website and get a $3 off coupon!