09 April 2010

Vitamin Schtick!

YESSS!! This is my new obsession! Vitamin water has outdone themselves with making there delish and nutrish drinks into lip balms. I bought one as a joke for my man because hes always got a vitamin water in hand and we ended up battling for it! I now have 3 for myself. They are all spf 20, and have Vitamin E. There is at LEAST 6 different flavors ive come across. You can find these at you local Walgreens. I'm not sure if they are sold in cvs or rite-aid if they are let me know! They are $2.99 which is pretty steep for just one plain lip balm but the smell is divine and the consistensy is like a hard gel but it works and stays on!!

Run to your local walgreens and get one(they sell online but not as many "flavors")!
p.s my fav so far is the "power-c dragon fruit" its the red one.

Love yous!